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Marvin Sotelo

Los Angeles, CA 90063
League MMA
MMA Record (W-L-D-NC) 0-0-0-0
Weight Class 170-184
Weight 0.0
Stance Orthodox
Sotelo took an interest in martial arts when he was in elementary school, he took a few lessons in Taekwondo and held the rank of Junior Kyū, Sotelo also had a brief stint in professional mixed martial arts with the International Fight League and was scheduled to fight against Ryan McGivern on April 29, 2006, at the IFL: Legends Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, Sotelo opted out of the fight and was replaced by Amir Rahnavardi since he did not appreciate the match getting changed from an MMA fight to an exhibition match with stipulations, and because he felt that an exhibition match where both fighters are declared winners was "meaningless," disenfranchised with the IFL he left and began training in Arnis under master Jaime "Jim" Sotelo ("Knife" Sotelo's associate, no relation), the head instructor of the Sotelo Arnis Self-Defense Club which is affiliated with Lapunti Arnis de Abanico (LAPUNTI). He would later go on and attain his sixth-degree black belt in Arnis, orange belt in Krav Maga and he would also teach Jeet Kune Do to a small group of students. With his knowledge of many different styles and combat sports that include Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai, Chun Kuk Do, & Kata, Sotelo collected applications he deemed practical, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own blend of combat science. On June 2017 Sotelo took the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over the World International Martial Arts Association and Organization (WIMAAO) operations for Los Angeles, California.

There are no past fights