The 2012 CAMO California Amateur MMA State Championships are coming!

CAMO is proud to announce its plans for the 2012 State Championship Tournament.  This year’s tournament will be by invitation only with top fighters in the State invited to prove they are the best in California.  The championships’ opening round will commence in late September, with semi-finals in late October and the Championship Finals tentatively set for December 1, 2012.   Fighters will be invited based on their ranking as of June 30, 2012, with the top 4 available fighters from Southern California and the top 4 available fighters from Northern California in each weight class receiving an invitation.  Alternates for the Tournament will also be chosen based on the rankings.  So, if you want a chance to win a state championship, June is the month to improve or maintain your ranking for a shot to compete.  More details will be posted soon under “Tournament” on the CAMO website.